Address: Don Frana Bulica 7
20000 Dubrovnik - Croatia
Owners:Marilyn and Livio Milic

Mobile Livio:    + 385 99 420 20 66
Mobile Marilyn:+ 385 98 795 962

Dubrovnik apartment and room lukre
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Dubrovnik apartment and room Lukre - private accommodation in Dubrovnik


We would like to thank you for visiting our web site and we take this opportunity to give the information about our accommodation to all the guests who are interested in spending their holiday in Dubrovnik.

We live and work in Dubrovnik in close vicinity of Apartment & Room Lukre that we rent out every year. We are responsive to any of our renters needs.
Since we are local, we deal with our guests directly – from key exchanges, to cleaning, to repairs, and anything in between.

We are a family with tradition and experience in tourism and as your host, we are pleased to contribute to your enjoyment and pleasure during your stay.

About the Apartment Lukre and Room Lukre

We are located on the doorstep of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and offering stunning views over the medieval Old Town and Adriatic Sea. Set in a historic building, our accommodation is only meters from historic entrance at Pile Gate, so you can explore the fortified walls or even arrange a guided tour with ease.

The exterior of this accommodation has the appeal of old stone, yet its complete refurbishment offers all modern amenities.

Two beaches, Sulic and Dance, are close by, so you can relax peacefully next to the sea.

If you are attending a conference at the Inter University Centre Dubrovnik and need accommodation, we are the ideal location for you, as we are located in the direct vicinity of the Dubrovnik Inter-University Center.



Apartment Lukre
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Owners: Marilyn and Livio Milic - address: Don Frana Bulica 7 - 20 000 Dubrovnik - Tel: +385 98 795 962 -